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Brand Care Programs

With your brand and our passion, we’ll drive sales and loyalty by “speaking your brand” with every customer interaction.

We call it Brand Care.

How we Speak Your Brand

We go above and beyond to learn about your brand, identify with it, and discover a passion for it, so that when we talk to your customers, they get the same experience they’d get talking to you. Here are some elements of the brand-care practices we follow:

Better Recruiting

At Elite Ops we hire experienced recruiters, a tightly run and well-developed HR department, a focus on recruiting the right personalities for the right brand, a policy of recruiting for retention, and well-documented testing procedures.

Right Technology

Integration enables our specialists to use the same systems you are using in-house, so that everyone is on the same platform. Having the right tools and technology empowers our people to perform better and deliver a smooth and informed customer interaction.

Better Training

Dedicated trainers, on-site classroom training, e-learning, well-documented training processes. We work closely with you to develop the right training processes, oftentimes sending agents to training facilities to train them in the brand values and immerse them in the brand personality.

Systems and Processes

We have a full system of processes set in place, that we have tested for workflow which include: workforce management, experienced project managers and command chain, quality assurance, call monitoring and scoring, reporting and analytics.